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Friday May 5th 2017Tim Candler9


     The difference between rural and urban can be understood in the phrase "Town Air Makes You Free."  A New World Marxist analysis would use the phrase "The Liquidity of Modernity." Which is a sound-bite that attempts to summarize several beautifully written sentences in the Communist Manifesto. In short, rural life is slow paced, its rules are steadfast and stubborn, it's beliefs unchallenged which means that more in the world is certain. Urban life is fast paced, anything becomes possible, the rules that tie communities are there to be challenged which means that less in the world is certain, and I guess some might call it freedom.



     When the two clash it's like an elderly Sloth meeting a juvenile Chimpanzee, the chances of mutual cooperation are remote. More recently in the USA Urban places tend to vote Democratic, rural places tend to vote Republican. In the middle are tracts of land that remain confused, they cling to the rural and earn their living in the urban. Call them three tribes, understand their allegiances as having a material genesis and you're well on your way to saying crack-pot things like "A rising tide lifts all boats."  The more accurate understanding is that if we people are boats most of us have holes in our hulls. The question is, Do We Care? The answer, Probably Not! But much more important than wise answers, is the fight, it bonds us to each other and always has done. Worth remembering, fights that obey rules are less destructive.


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