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Monday May 8th 2017Tim Candler9


     Snurk factor, exacerbated a little by regular discovery of the corpses of rodents dotted around the domicile, some of which might have been there some time, and all of them introduced, usually during the early hours by you know who and just left for someone else to find. My own morning routine is no longer flatfooted, rather it's more of tiptoeing around, very good for the feet and posture, the Girl Cat has informed me in what I'm beginning to think could be a French Accent.



     Naturally there will be purists who will look upon En Marche as a "quelque chose léger" but a little léger here and there is a great deal better than full blown retreat into some book that's been written before, a remake, a plagiarism, CliffsNotes to pass the exam and there'll be no passing grade this side of hell for any one us. What happened to the story that tomorrow should be exciting and new. Well I'll tell, that story has been taken from most of us and given to the zealots. Wasn't it always like this for you old people? I hear the call. The answer is Not Always.


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