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Tuesday May 9th 2017Tim Candler9


     Come to the conclusion that anyone running for public office, a supreme court judge, or someone already in public office such as a director of something like the FBI who uses folksy terms is rat or a fink and should be removed to safe place where they can play the banjo, eat chicken wings and get the heck out of our "Gee Willikers" whatever that might mean. Sad day when raising the eyebrows and saying something like "Gosh" makes you a born again Christian or an Abraham Lincoln.



      On the much more positive side Frank Zappa and the Mother's of Invention have been reincarnated. A rejuvenating confluence in my mind, not to be taken too seriously from a person who doesn't leave home and gets his news from the internet. The first sighting was a brief glimpse of a discussion between Sally Yates and someone called Ted Cruise, it was like an Armadillo questioning an Angel. The second and more enduring sighting was on the Facebook, a band called Crystal Hart playing a burger joint in Virginia. Both sightings reminded me of "Hungry Freaks Daddy" and yeah, I'm a little preachy.


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