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Friday November 24th 2017Tim Candler9


      There's a reexamination of winter policy in these parts. Traditionally in the winter time your correspondent would begin his day by acquainting himself with current events, raise an eyebrow and then as the day warmed he'd go on about his business. Unfortunately, the acquainting with current events part of this tradition has recently produced far too many irrational outbursts that kind of linger on through the noon hour into the supper time and late into a night, turning what could have been a perfectly respectable day into a series of random and often loud utterances that upset the cats and I suspect have begun to persuade The Artist that it could be time to hunt around for a padded room in a secure location in which to lodge the other half of the pairing.



     I guess when a person not only achieves that "Get off my lawn" condition but begins to relish it as an entirely reasonable approach to the problem of others, it's time to make an attempt to recapture the more egalitarian enthusiasms of youth. When I look into the past, I mostly see a variously employed long haired drunk who had an interest in books and typewriters, not much to work on in our brave new world. Yet the lessons are there, and more than likely the secret to the cure has less to do with shaking the walking stick and more to do with becoming one with the recent explosion of behaviors and attitudes less informed by anything remotely associated with wisdom or experience. Dispatching a naked selfie into the ether might be just a little extreme, but I am giving serious consideration to growing a mullet, wearing flowing robes, or perhaps a kilt, and learning how to yodel.  


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