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Saturday November 25th 2017Tim Candler9


      For those who might not know it, once long ago, a Sufi Saint called Pir Mangho escaped the Mongol invasion of Iraq and he travelled to a place near what is now the Port Town of Karachi. Weary from his journey he settled near a small lake which was fed by hot and cold springs. The lake was a soothing sight and he decided to take a bath, wash his clothes, tidy himself up. As he was undressing he found lice upon his person. One by one he picked off the lice and tossed them into the lake and when the lice touched the water they turned into Crocodiles. Pir Mangho lived amongst these Crocodiles and share his food with them.



     Today the current generation of Pir Mangho's Crocodiles are still there, they belong to a shrine dedicated to the Saint and they have for generations been fed by hand. The Crocodiles eat pretty much anything from candy bars through rice cakes to whole chickens. Sufi Saints gentle, Sufi poets are remembered;

"A moon whose stature was straight like a cypress,

held a mirror in her hand and adorned her face.

When I presented her a handkerchief she then said:

‘You seek union with me? You have quite some imagination!’"


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