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Sunday November 26th 2017Tim Candler9


      Broke the rules yesterday. I started a bonfire at five fifteen in the pm instead of six o'clock in the pm. I did feel a little guilty, but it was a guilt more laden with the prospect of being spotted by something like a pot-chopper or the Fish and wild life fellow who lives across the hill than anything that could be an assault upon my being that might have resulted in a haunting existential crisis that would follow me to my death, place me firmly in purgatory.



     I realize too that it's this sort of cavalier attitude toward the rules that leads a person toward doing things like breaking the speed limit or laundering money for fascist states and criminal oligarchs so they can build ridiculous things like three hundred a dollar a night hotel rooms so that they and other thieves and near-do-wells might feel better cuddled by the world they've invented for themselves. Narratives change of course, mine would have had something to do with confusion over the meaning of Day Light Savings Time as I watched the woodlands burn.


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