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Monday November 27th 2017Tim Candler9


      The de-gentrification of Kapital is underway in Washington DC, and we're well on our way to the joys of nature raw in both tooth and claw. Traditionally our species has been slow to respond as the beady eyed Marmots amongst us seek out simple and increasingly half-baked solutions, it's one of the tribulations which once lead to the first cities suddenly disappearing and for a while everyone just went back to the more steadfast life of Hunter-Gathering. There's a new book out about it, written by a man called James Scott. A man of learning in the areas of Political Science and Anthropology. And in terms of work, I can tell you from some experience that being an itinerant rather than a wage slave is an infinitely more satisfying existence until you get old and broken, which is probably the time to do the right thing, follow Oats, "Just nipping out and might be gone for sometime." 



     I guess too it's worth categorizing the Hunter-Gatherer. Two basic kinds, the old fashioned and the newfangled. The old fashioned wandered the Savannahs searching for what you call basic sustenance, the occasional meat product, gathered fruits and vegetables and wonderful stories about mountains and trees and how to find water when you're dying of thirst. The newfangled are to be found flying around in private jets, venture capitaling, "managing" hedge funds, bribing the political class, owning newspapers, interpreting scripture, there's a whole list of abominable efficiencies that enable a would be itinerate to ask questions about the meaning of existence. And there's the matter of "What is Progress?" Best not to seek answers from a Hunter Gatherer, old fashioned or newfangled. They'll just tell you "Lizard Tails and Corporations are delicious when eaten raw."  


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