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Wednesday October 11th 2017Tim Candler9


     The Artist collected the Kitten from an ashen faced Veterinary Assistant. Our young four legged comrade could apparently be heard loud and clear in the Reception Area, which is that part of a veterinarian's office that's always supposed to give every appearance of a smooth oiled, well run machine, and to The Artist's question, "Is that her?" The answer I'm told was the kind of "No" one might expect from a president's press secretary. The Artist, who is keenly attuned to the Kitten's vocal range, raised an eyebrow, but she knew better than to quarrel with anyone who looks like a Head Nurse and she nodded wisely as she listened to the aftercare instructions, which included advice about recuperating creatures being Not Allowed to leap around, climb curtains or trouser legs, chase after an older cat, get wet, certainly not allowed to go outside to climb trees for at least ten days and so on. 



     When the Kitten finally emerged from the back rooms, she was in her cage, and it was very obvious to everyone that her mood wasn't good. I guess too that in terms of being a future patient, the quality of a veterinarian's attention are well on display to those waiting for their turn when someone else's pet emerges through the swing doors that lead to the inner workings of a small business devoted to the health and well being of domesticated creatures. The other thing about the Kitten, is that I don't believe she has any sense of humility, and she's certainly not shy of expressing her opinions in public, she'd make a wonderful Running Hyena. "He's quite wild!" the assistant suggested. "He's a she!" The Artist promptly replied. Nor was the trip home uneventful. So far, things are going quite well, no question of being able to follow the letter of the Head Nurse's detailed instructions, the best we can really hope to do is prevent the Kitten from going outside, and that's pretty much full time work for us caregivers. On the bright side the question of when to gather up the Cypress Vines that bloom happily along a fence in the vegetable garden as a late feed for the Southward bound Hummingbirds, is solved. I think it would be something the Kitten would very much like to help me with. Next week maybe.



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