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Thursday October 12th 2017Tim Candler9


     Great sympathy for the word Chlorotic. Strictly speaking the word is used to explain the condition of plants that are struggling to find the bits and pieces they need to photosynthesize. The leaves become more yellow than green, and there's a general sense of ennui deep within the plant's being, it's kind of like a sigh of exhaustion from the effort of trying and trying again to climb an impossible hill.



     Suffice to say that even though I am not a plant, my roots are more like history, experienced and read about, I can move from one place to another, I have a complexity of eating parts that include knives, forks, vitamin supplements and Grocery Stores,  yet I've often felt chlorotic. It  could well be a moment that comes to a mind when it suddenly decides to have a shower and a shave. Or when a mind decides to ruthlessly sweep a kitten off the comfortable chair. But I suspect it runs deeper.



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