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Friday October 13th 2017Tim Candler9


     A little difficult to avoid a jokes about the relationship the Mango seems to have developed with Atom Bombs attached to the end of large missiles, but in the interest of mental health best to remember Pessoa who said something like, without delusions there'd never be Statesmen, the real, he suggested, can only ever be seen through the eyes of philosophers and poets. So instead of wondering exactly where he might have said something like that and exactly what he might have meant by something like it, I'm going to talk about Coca-Cola. And here, The Artist returned from a recent adventure steeped in an understanding she'd gained from creative comrades that Coca-Cola not only cleans rusty bolts it also cleans wood without hurting plants.



     The thing about Coca-Cola is that I have been a big fan of the drink, but following my nut-eater awakening, which is like being born again without the alleluias or the pervading sense of everlasting smugness, I have taken on some serious views around the menace of soft drink manufacturers, all of whom I believe are evil and in league with the nut-eater's Satan. You can imagine, I hope, the internal struggle when I saw Coca-Cola on the list for my trip into town. It was one of those head down, eyebrows raised moments in the kitchen rather than nuclear exchange, and there was a little part of me that did relished the idea of a porch sit at sunset with cigarettes and a warm can of Coca-Cola.  Like sweetened condensed milk, no one in their right mind drinks it cold, I recalled. I came home with a twelve pack rather than those Seagull killing plastic bottles  But one of the problems, wood cleaning with Coca-Cola does consume rather more Coca-Cola than I'd imagined.



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