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Sunday October 15th 2017Tim Candler9


     Can't help but suspect that both Benito Mussolini and Francisco Franco would have very sensibly issued an arrest warrant for anyone who cheated at golf. The other area of deep concern for those of us who are still attempting to grasp current events is this whole Steve Bannon, Caesar, Brutus, Cassius analogy type thing. Caesar was murdered because he'd lost patience with the complexities of "advise and consent" and had decided he wanted to be a 'dictator for life,' the one and only Top Cat, the holder of the big feather.



      The heroes of the play were Brutus and Cassius. Not Caesar. Dante was, and Bannon still is, quite wrong in their view of Caesar as central to anything remotely resembling civilization. It wasn't the Roman Republic that forced Latin upon us, it was the bloody Roman Emperors. And by the way, in the historical account there were two people with the name Brutus engaged in the back stabbing. So "Et Tu Brute" sounds grammatically incorrect which suggests Caesar might not have have spent enough time in detention, and all his books were definitely written by someone else. Nor are rights God given, unless you're a mental patient in need of an opioid. And if you want to quarrel, we'll tee off with forked sticks at dawn, my friend.



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