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Tuesday October 17th 2017Tim Candler9


     In the search for good news, a positive attitude and a sense of confidence in the future for those who may have the misfortune to have to endure it, passive solar is the secret for us attic dwellers endeavoring to get some sort of assistance from our fingers when temperatures sink into the unbearable levels. It's a sheet of Luan, a quarter inch plywood culled from  remaining stands of tropical hardwoods and sold in hardware stores, which the attic dweller then paints a matt black and hangs in his sun facing window.



      The painted finish absorbs sunrays, converts them to heat that rises and as it rises pulls in colder air from the floor. The cycle becomes increasingly enthusiastic and by about noon, non-daylight saving time, the fingers begin to suspect that something is being done to improve their life experience and they cautiously respond. The alternative to this sort of Happy Harry search for finger functionality, is to open the box of winter clothes, pull out core warming vests, heavy shirts and jumpers. And in due course I might well recall where I stowed that box, but I'm just not prepared to hunt it down at the moment.


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