An English In Kentucky


















Sunday October 1st 2017Tim Candler9


     The Girl Cat is an athletic Madonna, she's graceful, light on her feet, inscrutable after the manner of a Buddha who can leap, climb trees, drift through the air. She dislikes unnecessary noise and has no interest whatsoever in mechanical things. In every way she's pretty much of an Empress when put beside The Kitten.



       The Kitten has all the delicacy of a Bull in something like a Wal-Mart. She's a charger, she thunders heavy footed through the domicile knocking things over, she's taken an interest in mechanical devices, has a passion for the differential gear on any and everybody's pick-up truck and while the quality of fearlessness in the Trenches of World War One might be an asset, it's very, very un-feline.



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