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Saturday October 21st 2017Tim Candler9


     Rather than mentioning the fierce academic online debate your correspondent is having with unnervingly sympathetic Soviet Bots about whether we'd be better off with a Chimpanzee or a Gerbil as out next president here in the USA, I'm going to brag a little about a huge personal victory, and here we're not talking one of these A for effort victories but a genuine leather handbag victory.



      A diligent reader might know there are three chairs in the room where I sleep. They might also know there has been a recent dialogue between your correspondent and two domestic pets about who has title to the most comfortable of these three chairs. Well, there's been some foot stamping, loud words, a few unnecessary references to the afterlife, and some order has been returned to my universe. Either way I support the Gerbil theory for 2020.


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