An English In Kentucky


















Monday October 23rd 2017Tim Candler9


     For a creature unblessed by a capacity to enter a state of suspended animation through the darker months, successful survival strategies in the pursuit of balance include avoiding any kind of contact with what's loosely referred to as News until sometime in March. The question, is not so much whether this is responsible behavior or makes civic sense, rather the question is when does a person enter this condition of news-less-ness? For some this might be a difficult question to answer, it touches upon commitment to the fate of our world, but for those of us who have failed to comprehend how to change the time on our digital alarm clock, the answer is what they call a no-brainer.



     The entryway to the Grocery and Hardware Store are now cluttered by devil worship and are totally unwelcoming, keen Sabean instincts can sense the allergens of brown sugar and cinnamon, which suggests sometime very soon harmony will return, the stars will align and my 7 O'clockish in the morning will be the same as everyone else in the county's 7 a.m. and we all know what that means. There'll be no more absurd Bannon-esque references to the ancient Poets, Historians or Philosophers in an attempt to secure veritas and I will become one with little electric trains and the Medieval Saints. Saint Teresa will have her Convent, Saint Barbara will have her Windowless Tower, Glavni Kolodvar will make it's Station Master proud, and the County Militia might even get their Unterseeboot, which would certainly shut them up for a bit.


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