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Sunday October 29th 2017Tim Candler9


     The first Barbarian to actually see a locomotive was a devotee of Diana who went by the name Alejandra Pachis.  Who when returning from a ten week communion with the beasts of the forest and elves of the woodlands had observed the railhead from a safe distance, heard a great iron creature hissing at work crews, a clattering and a banging, all of which to Alejandra was an absurd vision of sweat and tears that had no apparent reason and briefly she'd wondered whether she'd eaten something that had disagreed with her capacity to comprehend. Her mood again soured when she got home to discover a bunch of tent dwellers on what she reckoned was her own bit of Eden. And it's also the case that there are many often suspicious and obviously self serving accounts of Alejandra's first meeting with Saeed bin Saeed, but the story your N scale enthusiast prefers, suggests that Alejandra's return coincided with sunrise, and having relieved her mule of its burden of bear and assorted musk rat pelts, proceeded to loosen the guide ropes of the nearest tent.



     As it happened the tent was occupied by Saeed bin Saeed. Saeed's practice when in fear for his own safety was to give others in his entourage an opportunity to demonstrate their devotion to his being. But after nearly four days of enduring exhaustingly primitive conditions, many in Saeed's entourage found themselves reluctant to leap to the defense of their prince, and when Alejandra began to pull the canvass from the tent poles, fold it neatly, save it for later use, she discovered Saeed alone in a comfortable cot, dressed in his nighttime silks. Alejandra said "come here pumpkin," she picked Saeed up, slung him across her shoulder and such was her mood she had every intention of throwing him into a watery ditch which one day would become her duck pond. However, Alejandra Pachis wasn't made entirely of steel, when Saeed begin to whimper in a plaintive, pathetic way her heart turned maternal and she gently lowered the youngest son of the Sultan of Oman to the ground, she stood him up, gave him a shake and patted him on the head. While the males in Saeed's entourage had pretended to be fast asleep, Saeed's seamstresses through the peep holes in their tent, had witnessed the entire episode. And here, worth noting one of the less doting definitions of epiphany, "a manifestation of a divine or supernatural being."



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