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Sunday October 8th 2017Tim Candler9


     Very difficult to get away from the idea that our Secretary of State could be absolutely correct about our President. In psychology, the word moron, from the Greek for stupid or foolish, was first used in a 1910 system of classifying degrees of intelligence. An idiot, according to the system, had a measurable IQ of between 0 to 25, an imbecile had an IQ of between 26 to 50 and a moron had an IQ that ranges in that tricky, confusing area of between 51-70, a category that could well be further divided into general purpose morons and effing morons. The IQ test was originally a French idea devised by a man called Alfred Binet, the main purpose being not to give a population a pie chart idea of their own self importance but to try and determine a more industrial distinction between someone who should be sent directly to the rubber rooms of the tax payer's asylum without wasting anymore time, and someone who could be made to function in society given proper training, a little patience, adequate attention and resources, all of which probably required someone like a moron to be reasonably forced into spending extended periods of time in Latin Detention while someone like an idiot or an imbecile was allowed to run around in the outdoors kicking a football.



     It's also the case that I have personal experience of this whole IQ test phenomenon. As a schoolboy, while others were enduring the bitter chill of a summer afternoon outdoor period in Rural East Sussex I was on many occasions dragged into the head master's study to spend time with an older woman who had the twitching eye of an Eagle and who would ask me to perform a number of tasks that involved matching patterns, fitting blocks together, telling her which way a door or a window opened, a whole bunch of things, and each time I visited her the tasks seemed to get more and more ridiculous. Nor did anyone tell me that my mental aptitude was being tested for a place in civil society, so I kind of came to the conclusion that the Eagle eyed women was one of the world's unfortunates, probably the head master's cousin who if she wasn't entertained became unruly, or outraged, and in all that bleak and bitter place the head master's study was well heated, so I did my bit for solace and solidarity. In the end, wherever the cards might fall, I do know this much, we morons should under no circumstances ever be allowed to become something like the president of a large country. The entertainment value just isn't worth it and it could well justify trust in Meade's recent predictions about Planet X or Nibiru, as it's called. And here, for the Sunday Crowd, Meade's prediction for October 15th 2017 is not about rapture, he's all about tribulation, so best to kneel for the National Anthem before Flags are flown at half mast.



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