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Tuesday September 26th 2017Tim Candler9


     I read the expression "Moral Hazard" and unless I have lost my ability to comprehend the written language, which could well be possible, it would seem that a vocal faction within the United States is inclined to assign "Moral Hazard" to the suggestion that Health Care in the United States should be considered an issue of Public Health rather than an endless and ever expanding income stream from the injured, the slightly sick, the very sick, and the dying. Nor is being buried without having to pay someone a small fortune allowed.



       A "Moral Hazard" is sometimes described as a risk to an insurance company due to suspicions about the honesty of the insured. But a person could be excused from assuming that when "Moral Hazard" is applied to Health Care it refers to the idea that health care is a an earned benefit, and those who don't earn enough are undeserving. Then there's the business of keeping us safe from foreigners and their pesky ideas no matter the cost. Either way the Graham Cassidy debacle is yet another answer, and here where I live there'll be fresh muffins with a slither or two of ice cream tonight.



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