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Saturday September 2nd 2017Tim Candler9


      If Pessoa at his most unbridled and free was still alive he'd not be tossing un-collated notes into a trunk, he'd be tossing them into the ether. Why? I hear the call. His unbridled answer to the question would I'd argue go something like this. Between action and dreaming, neither of which he was born to, he'd rather mix the two together, and he'd go on to say camaraderie has it's subtleties by reminding us we weep for saints but never weep for God.



     The great man died in the 1930's, so fortunately he'll not be able to tell me whether I'm right or wrong, but his work is in my view an anthem to those who doubt the veracity of any and all efforts to describe the world around us. Others will reach for comfort in the many and varied attempts to describe then promote patterns of motivation within our species. And always such attempts start out slowly, become a chain linked dogma, which is why we weep for the saints who served God.


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