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Monday September 4th 2017Tim Candler9


      The Romans were supposed to have assigned to a servant the job of whispering "Thou Art Mortal" into the ear of conquering heroes. I think it was Churchill's Clementine whose job it was to remind the war-time prime minister that he wasn't necessarily a god, he didn't have to be, wasn't expected to be. And it's true the powerful, whether through conquest of wealth or territory do tend to a higher opinion of their own worth, and most kiss-up a little before giving any consideration to their own dignity. And it's also true that some will glare at the servant and produce one or other iteration of "Stop being so negative, you sack of bones!" 



     I raise this issue because of the following. DACA was a Presidential Executive Order that followed the abject failure of Congress to compromise on an immigration bill.  Also worth remembering, that President Jackson whose face can be found on a twenty dollar note was chief executive when a bill from Congress basically kicked the Indian Tribes out of land east of the Mississippi. For the Cherokee families it was ten years of unmitigated misery, hardship and death they call the "Trail of Tears."


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