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Tuesday September 5th 2017Tim Candler9


      This side of a legal system the difference between a strategy and a conspiracy is in the degree of transparency, or if you prefer, honesty. Here, there's an argument that suggests the impasse which has characterized Congress for the past couple of decades is the result of a movement in idea that has a genesis in a resurgence of the more tribal less considered understandings that run contrary to the kinds of thinking that will hold fast to for example the ideal that we people, no matter our color, our language or our origin are a magnificent rainbow and are all equally deserving. This means that in some circles politically correctness requires the ability to say something along the lines of white people are better than black people, or black people are better than white people, rich people better than poor people, Protestants better than Catholics and so on. In other, perhaps more civilized circles, the idea of one person being in anyway superior to another person remains a fundamentally incorrect opinion, an anathema, the very idea of it should be strangled at birth.



     Be bold, get over yourselves, call it a cultural war, and in war, step one is to begin the process of dehumanizing the other, turning him or her into a creature of lesser and lesser worth, a pox on the order of things that must be destroyed, or at least removed from sight. And this, in my view, is why I was again called a Dumb-Ass Libtard, all in capital letters, for asking the innocent question "why are you so frightened of people who don't look like you?" And the thing about it was, instead of my usual reaction to being called a Dumb-Ass Libtard which as a rule is a perfectly reasonable reference to the Running Hyenas of reactionary forces, I became the epitome of the East Coast Liberal Intellectual, a bow-tie wearing product of the fever swamps of academia, and I was doing rather well in the role, waxing on in a shameful manner around the categories of the unwashed, the ignorant and stupid, knuckle dragging, inbred imbeciles.... Then the internet, for no good reason, suddenly stopped working. Coincidence? More likely a result of conspiracy by do-gooders.....


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