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Wednesday September 6th 2017Tim Candler9


      So what is a Running Hyena. It's kind of like a Running Dog, the difference is that Dogs have a reputation for diligently chasing down their prey while working as a team. Hyenas, on the other hand, hang around yawning, like four legged Vultures, waiting to feed on corpses. A Hyena is ill designed to run down their victims, they have short back legs. And the other thing about Hyenas is they have a poor reputation that includes skulking in most unnerving and silent manner, making terrifying noises at night and they are guilty of craven cowardice. The point being that when addressing the character of rabble rousers, or polemicists, there's a difference between a Running Hyena and a Running Dog.



     The whole Running Dog or Running Hyena thing goes back to the Maoist propaganda machine as a way to denigrate the sort of petting fogging, nibbling objections and obvious questions that always raise an ugly head when mere mortals suddenly conclude they've not only the answer but the power to alter the destiny of nations and people. From this it's safe to assume that both Running Dogs and Running Hyena are deemed to be on the wrong side of history, and no right thinking person should take any notice of them, the Running Hyena or Dog doesn't understand and should just basically shut up and sit down, or be sent to a labor camp, or night classes for reeducation. The question is, what kind of a Running rabble rouser or polemicist am I? Not that fond of Dogs, but Hyenas do purr...


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