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Saturday September 9th 2017Tim Candler9


      Given the world as it currently appears it does seem a little self centered to be wholly engrossed in personal matters, but that's just the way things are for those who find themselves reduced to a liquid diet while engaged in the early phases of the battle with dentures. Simple questions arise, like what supplies would I need were I to find myself seeking refuge from a storm that's unfortunate enough to have been given a name. A mortar and pestle would be high on my dull list, or were I something like 20 and less inclined to follow the herds clamoring for gasoline, I might chose a surf board with a sail attached to it.



     It all just goes to show, we people were never designed to live beyond about forty years which shines a whole new cone of uncertainty on the idea of being venerable. Exactly how old is Wolf Blitzer, for goodness sake? Only 69! Al Roker is 63. Andrea Mitchell is 70. Me, I'm one of this same particular generation, and I look and feel about 450. What happened? Well I'll tell you. The internet here is working again, from what I hear there's yet another worst natural disaster ever in the history of the world, for some ghastly reason the starry eyed Governor of Florida (64) doesn't believe the climate is changing, selfies were invented and You Tube happened.


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