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Wednesday January 10th 2018Tim Candler9


      Warm spells for us attic dwellers who share our accommodations with wintering Ladybirds are a mixed blessing. They are dear little creatures possessed of an inquisitiveness around the activities of those amongst us who may be attempting to construct N scale fencing, a scale where a the height of a large adult human is approximately the length of small well manicured finger nail. And when temperatures soar the Ladybirds become active, they discover a strong desire to launch themselves into flight from the higher peaks of an indoor landscape. The N scale fence is far from an ideal launching pad, far too pointy for the exercise which appears to require all six legs to be firmly attached to a surface otherwise any attempt to open the wing cases results in frustration for both Ladybird and observer.



     They are also very stubborn, which means a single minded attachment to the "try and try again" philosophy, and if that fails give it another name and "repeat."  I guess it's a live and let live world, and yet a soft hearted wishy-washy liberal does find himself spending a great deal of valuable time in Ladybird husbandry. They don't communicate well but they can be persuaded to stop wandering endlessly up and down on the top of an N scale fence if their progress is interrupted by a suitable block of wood. This gives them a chance to regain a little dignity and as if of their own free will discover an alternative to the fruitless exercise of fence walking. It's a Eureka moment for them and off they go into the bright blue yonder, take a turn or two before heading for the light bulb where there's a whole Icarus thing which often ends up in a coffee cup.




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