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Tuesday May 22nd 2018Tim Candler9


    The other little devil which following a whim might have been introduced to the Vegetable Garden is Cyprus Vine. It's in the Morning Glory family and your looking at fifteen, sixteen feet. In it's hatching weeks it's one of those "don't panic, you'll hardly notice me at all" climbing vines. Don't be fooled by it's eagerness to please, have at it, pogrom away because no matter your diligence by about the middle of September when the mornings begin to cool you'll suddenly become aware of the smothering web of a small lacy leafed plant producing a very small scarlet bloom that seemed to have suddenly appeared as a result of sorcery. As you stand there aghast, it doubles in size.



     It'll be up and down fences, pretty much embedded in the last Tomatoes, it'll be running around on the paths and you'll curse, get depressed, seek solace by attacking it and quickly realize, you're far too late. The individual bloom lasts for less than a day, the vine continues all the way to frost but the bloom is chock full of nectar at a time in the year when there's not much around for Hummingbirds engaged in the journey south. By about the end of September beginning of October, you can take your morning cigarette and ash bucket to the Cyprus vine, sit yourself down and spend a happy hour or two watching Hummingbirds quarrelling over who gets what. Best to wear neutral colors, don't wear anything red and take a fly swat in the event of Hummingbird over-exuberance.


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