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Wednesday October 17th 2018Tim Candler9


     Bolsheviks were not the only political interest group seeking advantage during the Russian Revolution of 1917. The general opinion, or at least it's mine, suggests that Bolsheviks were the better disciplined around the idea of absolute and total control. Inevitably this reduced anything like an overview of the range of possibilities confronting the revolutionaries, and one of the results of this narrowing of vision was an increasing dependence by the Bolsheviks on those organs of state that make life easier by arresting, locking up or simply doing away with the more wishy-washy and squeamish. A power hungry character like Stalin was pretty much an inevitable consequence, an opportunity for him to industrialize Siberia using slave labor.



     Yes indeed, the independence of and interactions between a society's institutions, such as practicing voting, remain a fundamental of liberal democracies where the shining light has always been to keep the wolves from dragging the sheep into that cage which guarantees bloodshed. Those of us who might not know this or believe in the magic of ideal or a constitution stand on a cliff almost yearning to jump into the abyss of the limbic system where there is more solace in fighting each other than reasoning with each other. It's a, shall we call it primitive rather than constructive, reaction to uncertainty. Worth remembering that one of the many juices produced by an anxious adrenal gland is the hormone testosterone, too much of which despite rumors to the contrary can render both males and females infertile.

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