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Monday October 22nd 2018Tim Candler9


     Bricolage is a wonderfully expressive word. It could mean anything from a gasp of wonder, through crackpot to a fully fledged oath. It's a French word. It has two meanings. Le Bricolage means Do It Yourself. There are Bricolage stores all over the place, hammers, nails, planks of wood. yours for the asking price. Bricolage also means makeshift, to cobble together in a most unprofessional manner. When struggling with the recent uses of the English word tribal, the duality in the meaning of French word Bricolage is sometimes useful. It's in the eye of the beholder sort of thing. For some, Do It Yourself is a source of great satisfaction even if the shed does blow over in the first stiff breeze causing the toddler sheltering inside to be rushed to the emergency room.



     There are some who might suggest that tribal is primitive and they'll use the word in pejorative way. They'll argue, for example, that current events are a fine example of a retreat into naked tribalism. However tribes are about territory and more traditionally about who holds sway over an area of land. Less traditionally perhaps, tribes are about who holds sway over political power. There's nothing wrong with moaning, but when a person moans about partisanship in politics, it begins to sound more like a professional carpenter grumbling about hardware stores catering to the unskilled than it is about a yearning to advance the cause of civilization, or whatever you want to call an endless endeavor to define a useful future. Either way, Bricolage pretty much sums us all up at the moment.

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