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Tuesday October 24th 2018Tim Candler9


     Fairly safe to say that a mob doesn't exist on it's own rather it's created by the observer.  And although it's a total pain in the neck, the word mob does indeed come from the Latin, Mobile Vulgus. Could be a description of a cell phone user in a dentists waiting room, but the mobile part means excitable, and sadly, vulgus is what the Romans meant when they referenced the unwashed crowd. For my part as an observer, I'm prepared to argue that some excitable crowds are far less vulgar than other excitable crowds, and still other excitable crowds are very clearly deranged, on the edge of running rampart and ultimately destroying the world as we know it, but that's just me. It's also true that when in a mob a person begins to lose their inhibitions as they imbibe in what is effectively a wonderful sense of freedom, a moment to express, let loose and experience joyousness, shout stuff that makes no sense, do stuff they might regret. And worth recalling psychologists spend far too much of their time discouraging inhibitions.



     No shortage of examples through history of Mobs Gone Wild. And I hate to again raise the subject of the First Saint Timothy, but his martyrdom and ascension to the Host of Saints might well have been a result of a mob gone wild. One of the stranger examples of a mob was here in the USA. For some reason a whole bunch of college student, probably future opticians and accountants briefly engaged in Liberal Studies, descended on a small town in rural Midwest fully intending to enjoy a weekend of music and other pop festival type entertainments before growing up and joining middle management in a corporate enterprise. It was a place called Zap in North Dakota, the year 1969. Trouble was the town ran out of beer, everyone got a little out of hand, the town was destroyed and the Governor of North Dakota sent in the National Guard. The other thing about Mobile Vulgus it's alive and well on the internet, there's no National Guard and some of us might think we're in the process of inhibiting the fun parts of it.

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