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Friday October 26th 2018Tim Candler9


     There must be something in the psychology departments deep in the fever swamps that could cast light on the proclivity of some to go right ahead and blame the victim. Guilty of it myself, when something like a hurricane hits somewhere like Florida. A jumble deep inside us some might claim, possibly along the lines of that feeble excuse "It must be hardwired into us, we just can't help ourselves." The more eccentric of us might hold the view that those prone to blaming the victim like nothing better than to define themselves as victims and by so doing find reasons for their own disgraceful lack of anything like the couth that's been developed over the generations to inhibit those passions that result in Baboon or possibly Muskrat type behaviors. I think it was Max Weber who after a lifetime of attempting to unearth rationality in our species just gave up, shrugged his shoulders and suggested that we people do not succumb to rational analysis. Weber died in Munich in 1920, he was one of the founding father's of sociology, and possibly the most boring person who ever lived, right up there with the School of American Functionalists whose lack of imagination defies description in its absolute dedication to the destruction of all hope that resulted in Management Studies, or How to Maintain Servitude as it's been called. 



     Those who might have spent time with sociology may have preferred to come away with the idea that the movements and habits of social groups are best understood through those practices observed within the disciplines of weather forecasting. It's basically about the hard work of accurately measuring thousands and thousands of patterns. A little flutter in this pattern, a growl of two in that pattern and soon enough there's a prediction for straight line winds flattening buildings in Kansas. It's the sort of rough and tumble that challenges the bold. It's also true that when theory falls the other side of a growl and the wrong side of a flutter forecasting of any kind can become very tricky business indeed. But necessary in understanding is to maintain as accurate a grasp of ourselves as we possible can, certainly there'll be a thousand often lazy fictions, such as individualism and freedom, within that understanding and many errors but when you know it's a fiction and find reasons to nonetheless persist, it becomes kind of a desperately unstable and depressing pattern, and here we're talking 98.5% chance of the wind flattened buildings in Kansas being swallowed by ground splitting earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. So we've all got that to look forward to on November 6th of this year. Which is the day after Guy Fawkes day, a man whose cultural disagreements were such he joined a plot to blow up the English Parliament, he was hanged on the last day of January 1606. 

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