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Thursday April 11th 2019Tim Candler9


    William James, Pragmatism and the Father of US Psychology, died in 1910: "True for him who experiences the workings." Does sound a bit vague but it's a comforting understanding of James' pragmatic view of how truth, as it exists somewhere out there, interacts with us people. Not much help in this day and age where the whole idea of what the objectivists call 'Truth Conditions' appear to be wholly irrelevant in some swaths of our society.



      Which brings us all to the "woe and behold" that goes by the name Ideological Purity.  And it's kind of no wonder Empiricists go with that well fed gated philosopher Hume: "The life of a man to the universe is of no greater importance than that of an oyster."  Well, the extent to which we're sentient might well be up for debate but we're here, we're sensitive, we're human, get used to it. William James: "Believe that Life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact." Who knows.


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