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Sunday April 14th 2019Tim Candler9


    Some of us might have said some horrible things about Descartes. And we should hang our head in shame. He was a great mind and going on about his "I think therefore I am" as though it was his sole contribution to thought is sad, it's pathetic republican type behavior unworthy of snowflake in good standing. At the same time he was quite wrong about "I think therefore I am." It's more like "Thinking is occurring" or "I think because one day I won't be able to think."  Or the two simple words "Thinking Is."  Why anyone has to go on from there and start wondering about what happens to some substance called "I" when I'm no longer getting up in the morning frankly makes a person want to become an oyster hating empiricist.



      Mind you when the internet is playing up, as it usually does, I will admit to looking up at the ceiling and offering strong suggestions around negotiating the fate of my soul for something like a lifetime internet warranty that's not hedged by the small print, rather it's protected by an angelic host from over pinging or under ponging errors at the check light causing the whole thing to crumble into a pointless morass of flashes and a service representative who insists upon telling my how important and precious I personally am as a customer and if I could just hang on for another half an hour my dreams, my desires, my hopes will be fulfilled sometimes in the next two weeks, maybe three. And quite certain during Descartes time upon earth he had similar requests, but still no excuse for his arguing for a mind/body duality. Small comfort the Pope of his time chose to but a fatwa on some of his books.


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