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Wednesday April 24th 2019Tim Candler9


    For non-astrologers Mercury in retrograde is an illusion. Mercury never actually starts to go backwards and has no effect whatsoever on earthly affairs. But one of the problems for this non-astrologer is how to explain the past nearly four weeks, a period of time when pretty much every technical device in the dwelling chose to submit to this or that ailment rendering them worse than useless, and during this period of high stress the Kitten hurt both her foot and her hips. Then there was an outright break down, kind of a relief, and soon enough the local gossip mill produced the idea that somehow or other while repairing a culvert the county had cut through a vital telephone cable. 



      At the news your correspondent nodded wisely as some of us went on about how vital it was to know when Mercury might be heading toward retrograde so that one and all might concentrate and tread very warily. Clearly had the county followed this rule, they never would have cut through a telephone cable. Finally, here at home, wise men were sent for, the Kitten had to visit the vet, she's a little on the temperamental side and I'm told had a conniption fit in the vet's office which meant she had to be sedated, and today a genius arrived in the morning hours who was able to follow the principles of his calling which are not to be polite to his customer but to listen to his customer. He slowed the internet down and lo the New Medieval Period of Saints has been briefly delayed. Oddly today Pluto enters retrograde, so let's all say our prayers. 


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