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Thursday April 25th 2019Tim Candler9


    The Middle Ages in Europe are well worth a thought or two. I'll tell you why. It was doubt which brought them to an end. This doubt was characterized by a growing mistrust of the Institutions which I'd argue included allegiance to the Church, allegiance to the King and an industry that was controlled by the power of the Guild System. A series of crisis that started with two years of famine, which was climate related rather than Locust, and this was followed forty years later by the Black Death which wiped out easily a third of the population. Typhus in urban regions and what might have been Anthrax reduced livestock



      There was an increase in a search for what can be called the literal truth of the Bible, new interpretations from the Old Testament which often cast doubt on the correctness of Church Doctrine. Towns became increasingly fed up with not having control over their own destiny. There was dramatic increase in popular and often bloody unrest, Kings and Nobles had increasing conflicts which resulted in both civil and international wars. And as Idea ran rampant through the population soon enough what had been centuries of uninterrupted European prosperity came to a crashing halt.


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