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Friday April 5th 2019Tim Candler9


    This goes down as a Potato Rain, not the perfect Potato Rain, but in terms of quality it's Being was a valiant attempt at defining a Potato Rain and despite a few possible criticisms from the purists it should at least be recognized for its contribution to gardener's sense of wellbeing. The thing about a Potato Rain is you don't want big heavy drops pounding the ground, you don't want lightning, thunder and the wrath of the big hats upstairs assuring us they haven't forgotten about any single one of our our billions and billions of sins.



      There's a theory the Potato is a sensitive and impressionable spud and becomes unnerved by suggestions the world four inches above is a place the Gods don't necessarily approve of. A tentativeness in a child-ling Potato, is confusion as much as anything else, could go one way or the other and you don't want anything tipping the scale toward negativity, turn the Potato into a bad egg searching for solace within the dubious company of what we gardeners, when we ourselves are in company, try to cheerfully call Pests. If ever in doubt coo in an encouraging and very positive manner at you Potato Beds.


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