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Tuesday August 13th 2019Tim Candler9


    You have to suspect that a modern day Faust would have to  sign a non-disclosure agreement with the Devil. And it's also possible that a modern day Faust might have raised an eyebrow, "It's no secret you're wicked and evil, Satan." "My dear boy, I'm a multi-trillionaire, with world wide interests and houses all over the place for god's sake, can't have pathetic virtually homeless little creatures like you getting all fickle and trying to take back your souls by yattering on about one or other of my proprietary business practices. It's very bad for my image and wreaks havoc on my business model."


    A Faust worth his salt, might suggest, "Well, you know Satan, you're not the only game in town!" As an upright and reasonably honest citizen, I'm not sure how Satan might reply, but suspect that when it comes to soul selling the only honest employment is actually manual labor, not many secrets around a shovel or Raspberry picking or bagging groceries, and having mostly been a manual laborer myself I can say with high confidence that never have I been asked to sign anything like a non-disclosure agreement. Interesting that it's the more manual side of laboring for others that is most likely to succumb to the machine.


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