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Friday August 16th 2019Tim Candler9


    There are true things and there are things you just want to believe because they make you feel better. In the early months of the First World War people in Britain began to realize what their leaders had done. Casualty lists from the German victory at the Battle of Mons, kind of acted as very, very cold and bitter shower. There was however much comfort drawn from a rumor. Apparently Russian soldiers with snow on their boots had arrived in Scotland to join British and French forces on the Western Front. This was huge for moral, and one of the problems with it was the snow on their boots part, it was August. But the whole snow on their boots idea spoke to the haste and determination of the Russian soldiers to leave their own country, which was also at war with the Central Powers, and devote their entire being to bolstering the allied forces. They'd raced as quickly as they could from snowy Russia and were ready for immediate action, and because they had snow on their boots you knew they were obviously Russians, could even have been Cossacks, everyone was terrified of Cossacks.    


    In some ways it was the same when a little over 50 years previously the British public learned that the crown Jewel of the British Empire, the Indian sub-continent, had rebelled, it wasn't just a minor thing, it was a major event that dragged on for 18 months of killings and massacres of whole towns and much horribleness. Nor were the British that sympathetic toward the idea that a conquered people might now and then want to control their own destiny. It seemed like an absurd idea, so it was easier for them to believe that disreputable trouble makers had spread rumors that the Muslim Sepoys recruited into the East India Company's army had been issued with a new cartridge for their newish Enfield rifles, this cartridge had been water proofed with Pig fat and it was this rather than anything like general disgruntlement, appalling pay, being treated like second class citizens and being forced to serve overseas that caused what the British History books long referred to as the Indian Mutiny. In a similar vain, following the tumult of the Euromaiden Revolution, a pro Europe movement that pissed off a lot of Russian-centric people in Ukraine and resulted in Russia first annexing Crimea then attempting to use paramilitary forces to take over parts of Ukraine, in the April of 2015 the Ukraine Parliament decided to officially change the name of The Great Patriotic War, which for the Soviet Union was 1941 to 1945, to The Second World War.


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