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Thursday August 1st 2019Tim Candler9


     Donkeys are from a distance cuddly. You just want to scratch their ears, pat their head and coo at them. But if you ever happen to get close to a Donkey, you might notice that there's a certain attitude, a tone, a Wittgensteinian context if you prefer, and soon enough you suspect your initial judgment that a Donkey could well be something along the lines of a four legged and hoofed teddy bear, is probably an error. There's a unnerving Coyote quality to the way they stare back at you. It's an independent, I am what I am take it or leave it expression. The kind of thing you get from a Cat without the domineering, manipulative psychological warfare Cats are so adept at and which can turn a secondary caregiver into neurotic wreck.



   Fortunately there's the internet and you'll soon discover there's a distinct difference between a happy Donkey and an unhappy Donkey. A happy Donkey is a joy to be around, but apparently an unhappy Donkey is "noisy and destructive." They'll "chew fences and trees and barns."  For a Donkey to be happy, I'm told, a Donkey needs a friend, otherwise "they are pushy, mouthy and needy." The other thing about Donkeys, is that while they're perfectly happy to please, you can't bully them into anything like doing what you ask them to do, there has to be mutual respect, love and trust, whole bunch of snowflake type behaviors. So we all got that to look forward to.


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