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Tuesday August 20th 2019Tim Candler9


    I wanted to address a connection between Offa's Dyke, the Battle of Maldon, the Legend of the Frankish military Leader called Roland, the Ottoman Empire's several attempts to take control of Vienna and how a Sultan of Oman totally outfoxed Elphinstone to keep control of Zanzibar. Trouble is the connection is one of those long winding trails that leads a person to a place where he or she begins to develop an understanding. Never sure how this happens in a mind, does it start with an itch and with itches they are uncomfortable, remain uncomfortable until the itch is gone.  If there's a question about the itch, that question might be where does the itch come from. And it might be possible to argue that this itch comes from an almost mystical sense that you're not so much being lied to, more like you're being told what to think.


     And why might that be? Possibly because it gives you a wonderful opportunity to belong to an apparent stability that is not you. Then should you prove reluctant, or at least teetering on the fence, a whole bunch of theories, facts and figures are bought into play. My own Offa to Elphinstone itch was civilization, my understanding would suggest that civilization is a state of mind, certainly nothing like an inevitable process, and I could get pretty barbaric about it. These days there's an idea in the theories promulgated by Q Anon, however basically weird they might be, they are "Good for America." Well, I guess it depends on the extent to which America can bring itself to utterly reject them. And there's the current suggestion from white supremacists that Liberal Democracy doesn't work outside of ethnic purity. This one, a full scale rash of an itch if ever I heard one, but I guess civilization depends upon how you stop the itch without making other people itch. A bit of an absent state of mind at the moment.


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