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Friday August 23rd 2019Tim Candler9


    George III might have struggled dramatically with mental instability and some kind of possibly inherited sickness that caused his urine to turn blue, but when his youngest and most favorite daughter died, he finally agreed that it would probably be best if he accepted the idea that he hand off his kingly duties, not his title, to his eldest son. George III was referred to sometimes as Farmer George, he was a skinflint, preferred the simpler things and he took a great interest in the farming revolutions that were benefiting the rural populations of Britain, an explosion of agricultural surplus that helped fuel the Industrial Revolution. George III's son, George IV, was pretty much the opposite to his father, he was a total pompous ass, his ministers politely described him as selfish, unreliable and irresponsible. Dread to think what they said about him in private, but I think it fair to say they profoundly contributed to the Urban Dictionaries of their day. 


     Before it was his turn to become king, George III's eldest son George IV was already in terrible debt. He'd somehow accumulated a debt which in today's money would be something like 75,000,000 US dollars. And he had other problems especially around mistresses threatening to sell letters from him to the less reputable newspapers unless they were handsomely rewarded for their services with very generous pensions. In every respect George IV was a spoilt rich kid, he had all the characteristics including being a total all round pain, but he was the King, so everyone had to bow down and scrape a little. Quite interesting too, when George IV died he weighed around 280 pounds, or class 3 obese in today's parlance. And later in life he also developed the blue urine sickness. This blue urine issue has nothing to do with bluebloods. Blueblood comes from members of the Spanish Nobility who claimed to have no trace of Moors, Jews or other Non-Visigoth people in their blood line. And you know something, we'd all be much saner without spoilt rich kids and bluebloods constantly messing with our Zen.


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