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Wednesday August 28th 2019Tim Candler9


    The argument that elites are both necessary and essential to the stability of a society has merit. I too, some decades ago, was shocked when I realized this, one of those things where the mind rebels, rushes around in a foul temper, reads the wonderfully bearded Kropotkin, and the incredibly wise John Walking Stewart about how we should all live in the functional equivalent of an Iroquois longhouse, then it generally starts making things up and shouting about stuff. Central to my realization was that when it comes to society the word elite has absolutely nothing to do with excellence, or goodness, or progress, or civilization, or limited government, or not enough government any of those dream time ideas that we're all so addicted to, get worked up about. 


     The foundation of a stable society that lasts for a good long time has always been processes for managing powerful, well organized, interest groups. Interest groups are the flowering of wild eyed ambition, greed, vainglory and the entire list of the seven deadly sins that coalesce into floating bodies that are constantly at odds with each other as they bump around demanding this or that and apparently they do this on the behalf of the society which has enabled them to emerge. Always remember, if you're pathetic enough to find solace in trying to quote Plato, that like the founding fathers of these here so called United States, none of them held out much hope for the good common sense of us ordinary people. Our job is basically to be regularly pissed off with all interest groups and occasionally to get very, very pissed off indeed with, for example the current Republican Party.


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