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Thursday August 29th 2019Tim Candler9


    Over the years the Praetorian Guard became incredibly unpopular, until at last in the wonderful year of 312 the Emperor Constantine the Great just got rid of them. They were supposed to be elite, specially chosen soldiers to guard Roman Generals in battle. When Brutus and Cassius failed to save the Roman Republic the new breed of politicians fell quickly into the idea of an Emperor and Emperors decided they needed their own Praetorian Guard to keep them safe, more so from pretenders to Emperor-hood than from enemy soldiers. During the Empire Period of Rome the Emperor's Praetorian Guard were the only people permitted to carry weapons when they were in the Emperor's safe place.


     In time the Praetorian Guard itself had a go at making its own   political decisions, and on one occasion they decided to get rid of an Emperor who didn't offer them sufficient financial incentive to assure their loyalty. It was winning strategy, no problem at all and soon enough an Emperor knew that his Praetorian Guard was a central expense in maintaining his Emperor-hood, nothing too good for any of them. And inevitably the Praetorian Guard would swagger around behaving in most dishonorable manner, to the point where even Roman Poets wrote odes to the utter dreadfulness of Praetorian Guardsmen. And, elite-wise, it all kind of rings a familiar bell in this year of 2019.


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