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Friday August 2nd 2019Tim Candler9


     Purging the Party has a long tradition. What happens is that over a period of time a Party experiences a schism, and this can be traumatic for members of the party and while some see the schism as an opportunity to seriously raise the possibility of a new direction for the party others see it as the kind of disunity that results in the party being lost to the wilderness of politics, wandering lonely as a pointless cloud, going nowhere and ending up as a foot note ignored by history, sneered at by the grandchildren, who these days would probably just call them losers and dismiss them with an emoji of a limp noodle or a wigweave or a totally unwoke.  Being lost in the wilderness is no fun for the politically ambitious, and while it's always possible to discuss the possibilities of compromise solutions to the schism the more tyrannical minded will dismiss compromise as just so much hot air and a waste of time. Instead they gather the like minded, write lists naming the unlike minded and then they proceed to purge the party, reduce its vibrancy, eradicate its flexibility and without a capacity to effectively manage change reduce it to the functional equivalent of a poached Elephant.



   Hitler purged the National Socialist Party, which was a fairly loose knit collection of power centers, and he did this with great violence. Saddam Hussein purged the Ba'ath Party which was also a fairly loose knit collection of disagreements. He had his list and at a gathering of the more important party members he read names on the list and as each name was called the individual named was removed from the room by armed men, one at a time, and it did go on a while. A great many of those named were executed, some were executed by a firing squad that comprised the slightly suspect members of the Ba'ath party who had yet to demonstrate their absolute obedience to the Dear Leader. Now it's also true that there are still a number of nations dotted around the world where the institutions are such that they are not yet ready to tolerate something like a Dear Leader in waiting theatrically bumping off people who disagree with him. This means that Purging the Party has to rely upon less obvious sources of motivation. Amongst the political class, dignity and self worth is such that fear of simply losing a local election, and maybe having to find work washing dishes for a living, does appear to be a more than sufficient motivator to grant a Dear Leader in waiting blind obedience from his party members.


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