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Friday August 30th 2019Tim Candler9


     The Mycenaean States was Bronze Aged Greece, and we're talking before 1000 BC. They had a range of clans, tribes, kinships and so that kind of dominated their loyalties with regard to what to fight about and who owned what. Each state Mycenaean States spoke ancient dialects of the Ancient Greek language. Back then the Trojan War was a very big event, it shook things up a little, and after the war Ancient Greece entered a period referred to as Hellenic. One of the Mycenaean states was called The Dorians, and they lived in the more southern part of big Greek Island that's called the Peloponnese. Athens is in the very southern part of the Greek Mainland. Some have argued that Dorians might have become the Spartans, but all this was a long time ago and nobody really knows.


     The Hittites knew about the Dorians, so did Ancient Egyptians, and some Dorians might have settled in Southern Italy as well as Sicily. And you have to think that getting on 4000 years ago possibly the Dorians caused their fair share of trouble all around the Eastern Mediterranean. The Question, what does Dorian mean, and there are a lot of possible answers. It might mean lance, or could mean sea wanderers. Today Dorian is either a boys name or a girls name. And what I've always thought of as the really gentle name of Doris, comes from Dorian. In 1975 there was an Atlantic hurricane called Doris, and true to it's name Doris wandered west, then quickly turned to the East heading back into the North Atlantic. Doris was well named, caused hardly any damage.


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