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Wednesday August 7th 2019Tim Candler9


    Trade Wars have traditionally hurt people. It's Ok for the chaps at the top, but down where pennies count, you end up with something like the famine that devastated parts of the British Islands because landed interested refused to permit a reduction of the import duty on cheaper grain from Europe. A slippery slope the farmers argued that would cause British grain producers to go out of business and then what would happen if the nation had another go at invading France. People might well be dying by their hundreds of thousands but national security demanded that no duty on imported grain should ever be reduced, particularly that suspect incredibly cheap stuff from somewhere like France, and anyone who suggested that import duty should be reduced had no idea about the sort of sacrifices British landowners had to make everyday to keep the nation safe and free. Either way an occasional bout of starvation was good for character, thin the herd a little, it was perfectly natural.



    And oddly if you have a conversation with your genuine gun nut, they'll tell you that any attempt whatsoever to infringe upon the right to own any kind of gun your little heart desires is a slippery slope, and nothing else really matters. The fear for your gun nut is basically us snowflakes, apparently if given a chance to know who owns what in terms of guns and where they live, we snowflakes will start knocking on doors and confiscating peoples guns. I know, it does rather fill a snowflake with a sense of awe that gun nuts consider us snowflakes capable of going around knocking on doors and confiscating stuff, the more traditional pattern for that sort of behavior is the other way round, but there you go it's a topsy turvy world. Guns are vital for home protection, keeping wild animals in their place, there's the terrifying feral hogs issue, bonding with your boy children, putting sausage on the table, and look what happened to the Jews in Germany, when they had their guns confiscated and why do you think England still has a king, they're not allowed guns over there.... Think I'm kidding, then you should really get out of your bubble for a bit as we all try to come to terms with a cure for "mental health."


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