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Monday February 11th 2019Tim Candler9


    I was going to talk about the distinctions between slavery, servitude and indentured servitude but if you don't know the differences odds are you have no wish to know. I then gave consideration to discussing the sense of shame many descendents of slaves and indentured servants, as well as convicts, have had to endure as they navigate their passage through the world, and I'd go on to mention the possible relationships between a sense of shame and sin that can leach the hope out of being until that sense of shame is replaced with a sense of pride. I was then going to examine the many and varied ways the descendents of slave owners in the USA have dealt with any sense of shame they might have felt for the life styles of their forefathers, their statues, their battle flag, their heritage and amongst these many and varied ways is the phenomena of blackface. A phenomena I would suggest that shares commonalities with the allergic reaction the beaky cap known as a MAGA hat has on a percentage of us.



     Then I thought about the obstacles facing any attempt to replace the species name that we have as members of the genus homo, which despite the rumors is currently still sapiens. Me I'm all for referenda, 75% of me is a big fan of the name Boaty McBoatface, democracy in action, a refreshing blow for freedom, sticking it to the Sir Harries by keeping it a real reflection of national will, and so on. The other 25% recalls the ultimate surrender the ancient Greeks briefly explored in their search for purity, instead of something like a Supreme Court as a place to pass intractable complexities on to, they went for a lottery to determine their leadership, pretty idea, but didn't end well. Then there's the issue of the historical moment, which is clearly in glorious flux and will in the near future resolve itself somewhere between harmony and extinction, and whether this is the right moment in time to be messing with the wording of our species name. But to hell with it, I'm going full blown blue Pepsi Cola can on this and will be submitting Homo Iratus. 

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