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Tuesday February 12th 2019Tim Candler9


    One theory of language resolves itself around the idea that there's something in your brain that strings words together, and this stringing of words together makes it possible to connect words in such a way that a sentence makes a sense that can be shared. This theory of language suggests that this something in your brain that strings words together isn't much subject to variation and as a result this something produces recognizable  patterns that all languages share. This theory is not so much about where words come from, it's more about why it is that we can string them together in a useful manner. This theory also supposes that this something in the brain is unique to us people and a creature like a Mockingbird who is very much a maestro of voice, a genius of communication, can cut directly to the point when it comes to charming the ladies, engaging gardeners and discouraging interlopers, has no capacity to construct sentences.



     "So what you're trying to say, in as pompous a way as possible, is that 'there'll be no top ten list of thou shalt not's from a big-wig Mockingbird.'" Exactly! Doesn't mean to say that Mockingbirds don't know the difference between behaviors, they know how far to push the envelope and sometimes there's debate between Mockingbirds about where exactly the envelope is, and no Mockingbird has ever ever considered something like the Beatitudes because they know that with us living things sneakiness is a given, and if you don't believe me try growing Strawberries. Naturally having a thing in our brain that permits us to string words together does make us super-duper special. Without this capacity, I for example, might never have discovered that a Democratic Candidate had had to ask whether she used a fork or her fingers to eat some kind of local delicacy of deep fried crispy something or other, a question the wrong answer to which by some accounts prevents her from ever being elected to chief executive of these here United States.

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