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Thursday February 14th 2019Tim Candler9


    There are Crocus and Snowdrops blooming in the outdoors, and the arch upon which Snake Gourd once grew surrendered to the inevitable, broke a good part of it's back to either a straight line gust of high wind, or possibly a night hunting Barred Owl attempted to perch upon it, a wandering Turkey Buzzard, there's a reckless, likely insane Fox Squirrel who's decided he's mastered the art of invisibility and of the other possibilities there's a chance The Kitten who is currently devoted to developing the skills of achieving altitude saw the arch as a vantage point from which to fearlessly leap upon unsuspecting prey in her eternal struggle to compete with the Girl Cat for the title of Ace Serial Killer.   



     The more sensitive of secondary caregivers might be inclined to for example declare that hunting down, partially dismembering and then delivering a White Throated Sparrow to a living room carpet an act of barbaric depravity not even Caligula would have been capable of. And yet had this gift of nourishment been something like a Vole instead of a wondrous Song Bird, the reaction would have been a more matter of fact reaction, a what goes round comes round type of reaction, a teach you to like Carrots, and all very civilized as a secondary caregiver attempts to grasp the fundamentals of how to open a can of carpet cleaner. Not so matter of fact for a Sparrow who can sing a tune of such marvelous simplicity it can inspire a path between sadness and joy in about four beautiful seconds. From the rest of us a White Throated Sparrow's seconds of effort require a special day, a corporate structure devoted to the pinkness of the pudgy offspring of the war god Mars and the Goddess Venus, a postal service, a couple of hundred thousand heart shaped helium filled balloons... it's all very symptomatic.

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