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Wednesday February 20th 2019Tim Candler9


    A whole bunch of people, long hours and no overtime pay, they'll probably be peaky faced computer literate millennials desperate for employment, are currently engaged in attempts to reduce Liberal Democracy to an historical footnote. These workers are not so concerned with the USA's Republican Party who are already fully engaged marching around in uniforms, doing the right thing for the future of tyranny, rather their concern is to divide the Democratic Party, a loose leaf collective of quarreling tribes upon which the future survival of Liberal Democracy depends. Wishy-washy snow flakes are already on the receiving end, or on the Front Line as it should be called, and many groups will soon by persuaded to fall to outrage with other groups as a result of some devious fantasy dreamed up during someone's lunch break and introduced to the streams of social media.




   Tactics employed by middle management will be to persuade their operators to pay heed to the assumptions of equality in the nature of the divisions between rich, middleclass and poor potential Democratic voters by using words in such a way that definitions of something like the word socialism is always associated with words like destructive, traitor, Nazi, un-American. Electoral Reform becomes Power Grab. Climate Change Amelioration, Taking Away your cars, airplanes and starving you to death by making you eat vegetables. Labor Organizations, Taking Away your Right to Work. A Public Health Option, an attack on Freedom that encourages the undeserving lazy and illegal immigrants...  which raises the suggestion that Democrats will never fall for right wing talking points. Trust me, some will, and if you want to know why, you'll find the answer in the nature of the divisions between rich, middleclass and poor, an area the US Republican Party has been manipulating for generations... 



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