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Thursday February 21st 2019Tim Candler9


    No shortage of rain in these parts, the whole thing is ominous and good chance the beds will be late, Potato will rot in the ground, Tomato will drown, the ennui and struggle of it sends a mind to hunting down possibilities that at least on the surface emboldens spirit sufficiently to encourage positive thoughts. The sad fact is your correspondent is quite obviously in the process of becoming a cave dwelling Mushroom, the very idea of bright sunshine is discouraging. At least Kafka's salesman turned into a Giant Insect, and after the initial shock of seeing his mother faint at the sight of him and his father slamming the door and locking Gregor in his  room, he was at least able to find some emotional solace in the bread and milk his caretakers provided him even if bread and milk is not high on the list of dietary requirements for the average giant Insect.




   One of the great advantages of turning into a Mushroom as opposed to turning into an insect is that generally speaking as a Mushroom, Domestic Felines tend not to regard you a possible source of nourishment and a sure source of high entertainment. And given the absence of anything like cleaning of the cave for a good long time, as a Mushroom there's a good chance I'll be fairly self sufficient. But most of all, and this is big, Mushrooms during periods of cold, such as six months of winter, slow down to the point where anything like awareness ceases to have meaning, which in my view is as good as hibernating. The only question that really remains is whether I'm becoming a poisonous Mushroom, which presents a whole series of decisions around where to bloom so bits of me don't get eaten by those who will insist upon engaging in Fungi Forays. 



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