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Sunday February 24th 2019Tim Candler9


    The origin of the word enfranchise is in the idea of changing a condition so as to make free, and back in those days free meant free from slavery or servitude. Today the word tutor is more about a one on one interaction between something like a physics teacher and pupil. Tutor comes from the Latin for watching over in the sense of guarding or possibly protecting. And it's all rather a shame because it means your atrophying gardener might not be able to invent the word "tutorchising" which means he's still hunting down a word that usefully expresses the motive force behind the various reactions to two sound bites isolated from a much wider private set of discussions, electronically dragged into public view where they figured large in what might have been the 2012 Presidential Election here in the United States. Tutorchising does it for me, but the entomology is all wrong and I can't make stuff up just because it makes perfect sense. Mind you "chise" is a South African slang word for flirting or chatting someone up in the hopes of impressing the chatted up, an interaction devoted to shall we call them obviously exaggerated and unwarranted claims by the chatter up.




   The two sound bites in question are the "clinging to their guns and bibles" and the "48% want free stuff, they will never vote for us." There's an argument that the "they" and "their" part of these two sound bites presents an accusatory tone. In other words we the tutored are expressing an opinion about you the untutored. The We are tutorchising and the You are just untutored and lumpen idiots who's opinions are not worth wasting our time on. As it's Sunday, possibly the most boring day of the week, worth bringing in the language of the King James Bible through which to further explore the conundrum. "The ungodly are not so, but are like the chaff which the wind driveth away." It's all about "Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling."  At the same time "I wonder why we cling to our guns and bibles?" and "I wonder why we want free stuff?" A gentler anxiety, a place to start, a gentlerchising if you prefer in the everlasting, endless pursuit of "I will both lay me down in peace and sleep, for thou Lord only makest me dwell in safety." Worth mention also, Chise is a Japanese girl's name that means torrent of wisdom, so tutorchising might not yet be a complete dead end.


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